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Are you looking for free legal guidance about any aspect of UK road use? If you are, then the roadside lawyer can help. We offer free legal assistance to car drivers and other road users about traffic and motoring offences and many aspects of insurance, accident and injury claims in Great Britain.

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Welcome to the most comprehensive site on the internet devoted to UK highways. Take a look around – there are descriptions of the most significant British roads and a vast library of pictures. If you're burning to talk about something you've seen, then please join our forum and we would love to meet you.

British road history

We are a group intrigued by the history, design, layout and structure of British roads. We exist as a forum for thoughts and opinions and as a centre for information to better understand the British road network and its past. We are formally neither pro- nor anti- road building and have no official links with motorists' groups or the road construction world, nor do we have associations with the environmental lobby and pro-car groups.

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Although we try to be as exact and up-to-date as we can be, we can’t guarantee the precision or fullness of any information discovered here or on any of the member sites. They are not technically guides even if the information often exceeds that possessed by official agencies. If you have a general query, don’t hesitate to ask us by contacting us through the Contact tab above. If you want to add a suggestion or correction about data we offer on any given road, please use this form.

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